Site Prep for Dietetics Dishmachine

Site preparation of the area for installation of a new VA supplied dishwashing machine.  Infection control was essential to the performance of this contract given the location of the work to environmentally sensitive adjacent areas of the operational medical center.  The existing 5 layers of flooring was removed to prep the concrete base for installation of new resinous epoxy flooring surface incorporating slip resistance materials.  Surrounding walls were prepped with 3/8” cement board and finished with reinforced fiberglass panels.  Other work included relocation of fire sprinkler heads and replacement with pendant type heads; removal of antiquated electrical conductor and replacement with NEC compliant conductor; installation of eight (8) LED light fixtures and relocation of all fire notification devices/mass communication speakers and strobes.  Procurement of a temporary dishwashing facility was provided and coordination with facility and after hours work was done to mitigate any disruption to normal medical facility services.

VA Medical Center, Grand Junction, Co

VA259-13-C-0332 /$129,658.00