Replace Digester Sludge Pump

Awarded on July 31, 2014, this Task Order project under the Navy MACC is a Design-Build task order to Replace Digester Sludge Pumps, incorporating sustainable design principles. This project is to replace the existing positive displacement pumps servicing digester tank B895 at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe. The project will also replace the existing plug valves, piping and fittings associated with each pump to make a complete and usable system. This project will provide new pumps to support transfer and recirculation of the secondary digester tank, B895 at the wastewater treatment plant. The existing pumps are inoperable or unserviceable. The digester tank is currently bypassed and is used for overflow only. B902 is currently serving as a single digester for the treatment plant.

N62478-13-D-4003, Delivery Order/Call No. 0005, $556,287.00