Relocate Joliet CBOC

Renovate Bldg. #8 at the Silver Cross Hospital Complex to Relocate the Joliet Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) to the new VA Outpatient facility. The work includes a full systems separation and partial building separation in addition to disconnection of utilities from Silver Cross Hospital, reconnection of freestanding services, installation of new remanufactured boiler plant, reconfiguration of existing curbing and restriping of parking spaces, refurbishment of site lighting and additional security features, creation of new interior spaces including ductwork, plumbing, lighting, ACT ceilings, data, walls, doors, wall protection and final finishes. Hawk provided an accelerated work schedule to provide the VA occupancy of the interior clinic spaces 45 days ahead of the contract end date.
Joliet, IL VA69D-12-C-0248, $4,730,267.00