Interior Maintenance Employee Locker Room – VA Medical Center

This project consisted of an addition to and renovation of the existing Employee Locker Room facilities. The renovation work occurred along the hallway to the canteen and required isolation of the work process. The addition was originally designed on a series of deep foundations to be driven pipe piles. However, Hawk provided the substitution of helical “screw” piles to substantially reduce the noise and vibration impact on the hospital staff and patients. The construction was conventional structural steel frame with exterior stud wall and EIFS enclosure providing an efficient and economical envelope. Interior finishes were ceramic tile and cast polymer wall panels for hygienic reasons. The mechanical system was installed and interfaced with the campus wide Direct Digital Control system for remote monitoring and control. Hawk self-performed all the electrical work on this project.

Grand Junction, CO VA259-C-0785 $944,000.00