Replace Air Handling Unit SPD A-15- VA Medical Center

This design-build construction project entailed the removal and replacement of the existing air handling unit and air distribution system of the Supply, Processing and Distribution Service. The project also replaced the transfer switch that provides emergency power to the equipment buss of Building 1’s power grid. Energy conservation equipment and concepts were integrated into the design. The existing ductwork had been in operation since 1981 and was replaced and reconnected to the existing system in stages. The areas serviced by this environmental system contain heat generating equipment that requires constant control of the temperature, humidity and air flow. The AHU was set, energized and tested thereby allowing the remaining areas of ductwork replacement to be completed. The steam distribution manifold was reconfigured and the enclosure was upgraded with insulation and metal doors. The existing automatic door operators were replaced to maintain positive and negative air zones. All ceilings were replaced as they were affected by the work and the roof was patched as required by the removal of the existing unit and the placement of the new unit. The transfer switch was replaced and the entire system was tested and balanced.

Grand Junction, CO VA 259-C-0874 $585,411.00