Replacement of Marine Toilet World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument

This project involved the replacement of restroom and janitorial facilities on the Arizona Memorial including new electrical and mechanical systems. The replacement of the electrical service to the Memorial from the Ford Island transfer station required extensive preconstruction planning and schedule coordination prior to installation. The existing wire in 4” conduit was removed and was followed by the installation of 1200 ft. of new 4-#4/0 wires pulled thru 3 electrical manholes with no splices allowed. Six hundred feet of new submerged specialty submarine cable was pulled from an existing electrical manhole, located on Ford Island, and through existing conduits before being submerged on the Harbor floor to feed the electrical power to the Memorial. This work was performed from a floating work platform with the assistance of scuba divers. Fiber optic cable was also installed from Ford Island to the Memorial for future use. The replacement of the restroom and janitorial facilities involved removal of old equipment and the installation of new plumbing, waste water treatment equipment, fixtures, shelves, floor tile and doors. In order to provide the maximum value to the National Park Service and to address the remote and sensitive nature of this project, HCG self-performed all the electrical, carpentry and finish-work for the project.
We were honored to have been selected for this project on a National Memorial, especially one commemorating such a significant part of our national heritage. The Memorial is open seven days a week and hosts approximately 5,000 guests each day. The logistical challenge presented by the location of the Memorial, within Pearl Harbor, required careful coordination with the affected agencies which included the National Park Service and the US Navy. The Memorial is accessible only by boat and is open to visitors 362 days each year necessitating an extremely well-coordinated logistical plan to complete the construction work in an environment that is safe for the Memorial, the visitors, the park staff and our workers.

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii C8895100037 $685,450.00