Beatrice Soutar – Vice President

Beatrice has over 15 years Federal Contracting and multi-discipline construction experience, ranging from municipal waste water treatment plants to the construction of a telescope facility enclosure on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  She has extensive experience in procuring and shipping materials world-wide, providing complete logistical management for US construction companies operating in Guam, Hawaii, Kwajalein and Diego Garcia.

In her 5 years with Hawk Contracting Group, Beatrice has demonstrated an innate skill in the management of Federal Construction Projects with an emphasis in healthcare construction.  She has performed as Project Manager, Site Superintendent and Logistics/Procurement Manager. As a manager she has been responsible for compliance with technical specifications, OSHA safety, infection control, quality control and schedule coordination as well as various other duties required for the effective and successful performance of Federal Construction contracts and the complete satisfaction of the project Owner.